Best and Worst of the Week

     Hello all! Yet again, we are closing another week in good ‘ole Phil’s Place. And, yet again, I have picked a Best and a Worst of the Week. Why do I do this weekly post, you ask? Because…well, just because I want to.


     The Best of the Week goes to Maitreya. I am in love love love with their new hair textures! I’ve been a fan of their shoes, but wasn’t too crazy about their hair. That is until this week! The new textures are pure perfection and look perfectly real. I want to reach into my computer screen and touch it. Also, the fact that they listen to their customers makes me like this brand even more. The “Loose Bun” was originally just used as a color demo. But, so many customers begged for it to be released as a style we could purchase, they did just that. And, all in about a weeks time. Great customer service and even better hair!

     For the Worst of the Week, I am going to go with all the “witch hunting” that has been going on with the blogs. Is Minnu Model Skins ripping off textures? Is it wrong that the Juicy Shoes used the term “Stiletto Moody” in their key words under search? Is Cachet ripping off RL designers? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…The amount of drama on the boards this week has been exceptionaly high. While I do believe the consumer has a right to know what they are buying, I think it is extremely unfair to the creators that their names are being dragged through the mud before they can even comment on whether it is true or not. Am I going to comment on what I think about MMS’s “stealing” or Juicy being “unethical”? Nope. I’m just going to call all this “he-said-she-said” the Worst of the Week, post my little blog, and go back to buying what I like because I like it (and hope that everyone else does the same).

     There you have it my Best and Worst of the Week. Hang tight for the full photo credits and have a great weekend!


Tiffer GG


Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Shirt and Scarf: DeLa “TankTop Jessie Orange”

Hair: Maitreya “Loose Bun in Natural Blonde”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Apres Ski 2”

Photo 2:

Dress: Cachet “Paris Dress_Pink”

Hair: MMS “Venessa in Natural Blonde”

Skin: MMS “Light Skin Gloss-Snow”




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