When SL ™ Influences RL

     Has anyone else bought/worn/saw something in their Second Life ™, and just felt like they had to buy/wear/do it in their RL? Or am I all alone on this one? Really, it’s OK if I am, wouldn’t be the first time.

     Wow, the pollen is starting to get to my head and I can tell that I am rambling even more than usual. Let me get to my point. A couple of months ago, I bought this great piercing from Freaking Fabulous Shit (FFS). This piercing pretty much is my permanent accessory. It includes a stud under the eye, a lip ring, and a medusa (piercing above the lip, under the  nose). Piercings and tatoos are painless iSL and easily removed. As I found out, not so much iRL. After looking at my avatar’s medusa piercing for a bit, I felt inclined to get one iRL. Now, I’ve had plenty of piercings in my RL face before (eyebrow, nose, tongue, septum, labret), so I figured this one would be a piece of cake. Not so! It hurt like hell…the needle going through the inside of my lip through each layer until it poked all of the way through…owowow! Rambling, again. ::curses pollen::

     The first pic is my avatar (obviously) and the second pic is real me in the flesh right after getting my medusa. I know, I look nothing like my avatar. Why would I want to look at myself all the time iRL and iSL? Am I rambling again?

     Alright, enough about what I did. I really just wanna know if anyone else’s SL has influenced their RL? I’m hoping I’m not the only one!


Tiffer GG


Photo Creds:

Photo 1:

Skin: Chai “Indigo” (Group Freebie)

Hair: MMS “Venessa in Natural Blonde”

Piercing: Freaking Fabulous Shit “Samiyah”


Photo 2:

The girl behind the avatar 😉


2 Responses to “When SL ™ Influences RL”

  1. 1 LauraRose GossipGirl
    May 7, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Hey Tiff! Girl, you know I’m a huge fan of your blog! So I’d have to say SL has influenced my RL, even if its just as much as my RL schedule, sometimes I just have to make time for certain SL things. As far as my own personal look.. I think I’m a lot more aware of myself.. I think I also interact with people differently since joining SL, maybe better than I used to!

    ilyvvvvvvvm 😀 keep up the great work!

  2. June 9, 2008 at 1:45 am

    i so agree with you on the clothing and accessories you find iSL, especially with shoes i search the internet endlessly looking for the right pair that my avi owns. ps totally love your blog i find myself agreeing with a lot of what you have to say or already own what ur showing. great job!

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