The Least Sexual Person in Phil’s Place

I was scanning some of my fave blogs, when I stumbled across this survey on http://girlwonderspeaks.blogspot.com/. Since I’ve never done a survey related to my experiances in Phil’s Place, I decided to have at. Here goes:

1. Let’s get it out of the way first. Are you a virgin in SL? [If you are, move to question 3.]

2. How long did it take you before you hopped on a poseball with someone? And I don’t mean dance balls.

around the 1 month mark

3. Do you own any talking genitalia, such as from Xcite?

no…well, maybe, yes…I have some talking nipples from somewhere that I got when I was a dancer

4. Guys: Do you edit your “package” to be bigger?
Ladies: Do you think size REALLY matters??

size matters iRL, don’t know about in Phil’s Place, as my only times jumping on sex pose-balls where to try them out with my girl friends

5. Do you rely on your talking body parts during your encounters?


6. Forget the booty, let’s talk romance. Where’s a romantic place in SL to take someone to?

I’ve never been on a SL(tm) date!

7. When you go shopping for clothes, do you deliberately buy things that you think your gf/bf/partner/flavor of the week would like to see you in?


8. Let’s move to commitment: Do you think people get partnered too quickly in SL?

Not sure…it would be interesting to see a report done on the divorce rate iSL, though

9. Big wedding, small wedding, or no wedding at all? And do you get partnered BEFORE the wedding or afterwards?

Big wedding. SL is everyone’s fantasy world-live it up! And I would say get partnered after the wedding…seems more official that way.

10. Last question, and it’s of course back to the booty. 😉 Be honest, how many sex items [furniture and poseballs] do you have around your place?

none…I have no need for them…hence why I am the Least Sexual Person in Phil’s Place…lol


OH, and by the way, Everyone got tagged, so have fun!


Tiffer GG


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