Peace, Love, and Clothes

For some reason, I’ve always had this strange fascination with hippies. What makes it strange is the fact that I have no flower children in my family, nor have I ever even met a hippie. But, ever since I was young, I’ve adored the era and it’s fashion. The hippie look has influenced RL fashion for awhile now, with cotton dresses and flowy skirts. Recently, it’s made a huge surge in Phil’s Place, as well. I decided to visit a hippie camp, hang out with some Deadheads, and show off my fave hippie looks.

The first look I chose was The Closet’s newest release, the “Multiple Border Dress.” This dress is short, sweet, and flowy. It comes in about 5 color choices, but I somehow managed to pick the blue. To complete the look, I paired it with simple sandals from Lassitude and Ennui and bangles from Magpie.

To really get into Spring, I jumped into Annah Couture’s “Annie.” This dress is actually part of a set, that comes with pants and TONS of layers. “Annie” was so popular that Annah Couture released an assortment of colors a few weeks back. I’m more of a fan of the original yellow, though. The green wedges from ETD finish off the look with another great pop of color.

 Hands-down, the cutest tunic I’ve found in Phil’s Place is the “Eva Tunic” from MG Fashion. I love the fit of it! This dress comes in an assortment of colors, as well. I’m usually more of a neutral girl, and the white went perfect with my “Vixen Boots” from FD. I must also mention the hair here. It’s one of the newest releases from Cavendish called “Diana.” I’ve been looking for a great pony-tail for awhile, now, and this is it! It’s 200L per single color.

The last look, is a flowy skirt from Alchemy. The movement and detail of this skirt and belt is fantastic. The tank is included in the set, and comes in different lengths. This outfit was so simple, that to finish the look, the only accessory I needed was a peace-sign.


Those are four of my fave hippie looks that I’ve found in Phil’s Place. Hang on a few more lines for the full item list of what I’m wearing in the pics!


Tiffer GG


Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Dress: The Closet “Multiple Border Dress in Blu”

Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui “Signature Sandals”

Bracelet: Magpie “Wood/Red Bangle Set”

Hair: Cake “Wish”

Skin: Tuli “S5 Light~Natural 1”


Photo 2:

Dress: Annah Couture “Annie”

Shoes: ETD “Hampton Wedges in Green”

Hair: Armidi “The Pasadena Girl IV”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Blossom 1”


Photo 3:

Dress: MG Fashion “Eva Tunic”

Shoes: FD “Vixen Boots in Voodoo”

Necklace: Earthstones “Heartwood Necklace in Silver”

Hair: Cavendish “Diana”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Terre 3”


Photo 4:

Outfit: Alchemy “Destiny in Tan”

Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui “Signature Sandals”

Hair: ETD “Madeline II”

Skin: Creme “Natural”


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