Best and Worst of the Week

Here we are at another end of a lovely SL ™ week. When I sat down to figure out what I thought was the Best in our little virtual world this week, I had no doubt about it. SALES! Yes, this week my choice for Best is all of the amazing sales going on!

This outfit is my favorite I picked up from the Kyoot Army 100L Sale. I must admit, I had never been there. But, when I heard everything was only 100L, I figured it was worth a look. This set is called “Denial of Autumn” and came with a choice of four different color tops in every layer you could want (the color I am wearing is “Warm Winter“). Other sales worth mentioning this week are Annah Couture, Pudge, Sh*t Happens (I believe only at the Lions Shore location), Bossa Nova, and Dernier Cri. With so many sales, I may actually be missing one!

That brings me to the Worst of the week. There was a clear winner, as well. My depleted Linden ™ account is the Worst. With so many sales, I spent, spent, spent, and spent some more! A girl just can’t turn down a good sale! The outfit pictured is from Annah Couture (having a sale) and is called “Allessandra.” I must say, the prim attachments on these pants are absolutely perfect, and up to the high standards of Last Call!


There you have it…the Best and Worst of the Week! Remember, this is solely my opinion! Have a great weekend!


Tiffer GG


Rest ‘o Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Outfit: Kyoot Army “Denial of Autumn”

Bracelet: Earthstones “Beaded Bangles-Labradorite/Onyx”

Necklace: Fae Designs “Onyx Ring Necklace”

Skin: Tuli “S5 Medium Classic 1”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II”


Photo 2:

Outfit: Annah Couture “Alessandra”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pumps in Grape”

Bracelet: Caroline’s “XOXO Silver Metallic Large Stud”

Hair: MMS “Venessa”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Blossom 2”


1 Response to “Best and Worst of the Week”

  1. April 27, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Thank you! I love all Last Call outfits, and you saying that *my prims* are up to the high standards of Last Call is an honour! I was really glad when I read your post! It is very important when people say good things about our work, though I think it is really hard to be at the high standards of Last Call. Ginny was tottally awsome!

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