4 Minutes to Save the Fashion World

     Hopefully, ya’ll are caught up so far on the Madonna Style series I’ve been doing. If not, you can still go back and read them, and still enjoy this post!

     As the 90’s came to a close, Madonna was coming into a style more of us could relate to (i.e. no cone bra’s). With her video for the song “Tell Me,”Madonna had all the girls pulling out their flannel shirts and cowboy boots. Other than her work out clothes, this simple get-up of jeans, shirt, and boots is probably the most relaxed style (and easy to recreate) Madonna has ever worn. Here, I must add, how much I will miss Last Call because of their jeans. The prim-attachments on them are the best!

     When Madonna released “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” she took her fashion back to her dancer days. It seems like everywhere we saw Madonna, including red carpets, she was wearing a leotard. I found my leotard at a Japanese shop called Tomby’s, and it was only 40L. So, if you feel like dancing, groove on over there for a wide selection and variety!


     That brings us to the present and the current look Madonna is rocking. She seems to be in a bit of a black phase, but she chooses black items with a bit of a flair. I love the “4 Minutes to Save the World” outfit AND the fact that Madonna breaks it down on cars, so I chose to recreate that look. I pulled the gauchos and tights out of the GLAM “Satin Corset JumpSuit” outfit and paired it with a tube top Thimbles released only to their group members (it should still be in the group archives if you want them-they sent a ton of colors). Yes, even approaching 50, Madonna is still showing her amazing abs! For my sassy boots, I chose a pair from Glamour Puss (they have some of the most amazing shoes!).

     Well, fashion and Madonna fans alike, that brings us to the end of our little journey of me being a tard and copying Madonna’s style! If you missed any of the other decades, scroll on down and check ’em out! And, hang on for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Hair: Armidi “The Pasadena Girl IV”

Skin: Creme “Natural”

Jeans: Last Call

Shirt: Untone“Yerrow CheckBlouse”

Boots: ZVZ Ultra Designs “Wild Cheetah Boots”

Photo 2:

Leotard and Tights: Tomby’s“Type 20 Leotard”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pump in Grape”

Hair: MMS “Venessa”

Skin: I am so sorry…I can not remember for the life of me what skin I’m wearing!

Photo 3:

Gauchos and Tights: GLAM“Satin Corset JumpSuit”

Shirt: Thimbles “Ordinary Tube in Black”

Jacket: Cubic Effect “Short Leather Jacket”

Boots: Glamour Puss“TeaseMe Boots x3”

Hair: MMS“Venessa”

Skin: Creme “Smoky”


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