It’s Madonna Nature

Welcome (back?) to the 90’s! When we last left the infamous Madonna, she was sexing it up in a church. As we enter the 90’s, the sexing is still going strong! Through most of the early 90’s, Madonna was barely-dressed (“The Sex Book“, anyone?). However, she did manage to slip on some latex for her “Human Nature” video (not one of her biggest hits, but one of my personal faves). To recreate this sexy look, I had to look no further than Glamour Puss. The latex body suit, belt, and hot boots are all from the store.

When Madonna heard about the story of “Evita” coming to film, she finally got dressed! And, pretty covered-up at that. I must admit, I never actually saw the movie “Evita,” but I do love the clothes from that time. And, Madonna worked the suit like no other! She looked so glamorous during this time, that to recreate her fashion, I knew I needed a suit with a flair. Digit DarkesPaolo” has just the right amount of flair to it to be worthy of Madonna. Plus, the set comes with shoes all for under 500L! Love it!

With a super sexy and subtly sex look, that brings us to the end of the 90’s. Next post, I’ll enter our current lovely decade with my take on Madonna’s style!


Tiffer GG


Also Pictured:

Photo One:

Outfit: Glamour Puss “Black Latex Body Suit”

Belt: Glamour Puss “Girls M11 Belt”

Shoes: Glamour Puss “F*ckMe in Latex”

Hair: ETD “Bedded Attitude”

Mask: Illusions “ArchAngel Mask”

Skin: SecondWave “Amelie Skin Fair Brunette Vixen”

Whip: Don’t we all just have one in our inventory? 🙂


Photo Two:

Outfit (including shoes): Digit Darkes “Paolo”

Hair: ETD “Bonita II”

Skin: Imagen “Eva Este- Valentina”

Jewelry: Second Mirage “Cultured Set”


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