Like a Fashion Icon

     Next week Madonna’s latest album, “Hard Candy” will be released. Since Madonna first hit the fashion scene in the 80’s, she has been a style icon. Over a span of three posts, I am going to pay tribute to my favorite Diva.

     When Madonna first hit the scene in the 80’s, her style was punk meets sex. And, the first look of hers that stole the show, was her bridal get-up on MTV’s first Video Music Awards. To recreate this look, I found a costume appropriately called “Like a Virgin” from Weird Shit.

     At the end of the 80’s, Madonna went to her (hair) roots and romped around in a church for her “Like a Prayer” music video. Like Madonna, I am usually a blonde, but luckily Free Speerit is giving away free hair this week, and this curly-style fit the look perfectly. For the dress, I chose a gift /artilleri/ gave away the other month. Then I headed out to church to make love to a preacher and pray. Just kidding!

That brings us to the end of the 80’s, my dear friends. Stay tuned, I still have two decades of Madonna styles to go!


Tiffer GG


Also Pictured:

Photo 1:

Full outfit: Weird Shit “Like a Virgin”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Kat Lines”


Photo 2:

Dress: /artilleri/ “Eva Dress”

Skin: Another Fundraiser “Tigerlily Koi- (Nude) Kitten”

Hair: FS “Patricia”


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