Showing Some Cupcake Love

Every once in awhile I see a dress that I have to have immediately. I drop everything, and click for a teleport faster than you can say “I Love Cupcakes!” OK, well, that was corny. And, no, I’m not talking about the food cupcakes (even though I do love them), I’m talking about the store ❤ Cupcakes. Mimi Coral and her delicious designs had me at hello, and keep me coming back to keep my sugar level stabilized. Today, Mimi came back from a short vacation, and released a new dress. The best part about this dress………………it’s FREE! No, I’m not kidding you. Free! She felt like she hadn’t given us a freebie in awhile, so she dropped this lovely design on us. Be sure to run to her main store at Popfuzz and get it now!

 It is way past my bedtime in my neck of the world, but I just HAD to blog this dress before I can even think of sleep! Stay tuned for the other credits!


Tiffer GG


Seen in Pics:

Dress: ❤ Cupcakes “April Freebie Dress”

Hair: Minnu Model Skins “Venessa”

Skin: BlowPop “Mellie 2 Cream Golden/Clear Gloss”

Bracelet: Pedalpusher Designs “Blue Topaz and Jade Coin”

Shoes: Storm Schmooze “Suomi Suede Natural”


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