The FUNKY are Coming!


     As my time goes on iSL ™, the pickier I become with my fashion choices and spending. At first, I was just desperate to fill my bare inventory. Now, I want to spare my inventory from getting even more out of control. I used to jump at new releases, praying to be the first to be seen in something. Now, I often wait on new releases, debating in my head rather or not I really need it.

     That all changed with GiGi Couture. I simply can NOT get enough of their funky fun designs. When their new releases come out, I run AND usually buy. Case-in-point, the new hoodies. They are ADORABLE! With so many dressy outfits in my inventory, I love when designers create something a little more casual. Plus, the patterns on the hoodies were super-fun. It was really hard to pick one, but I finally settled on the “Aqua Striped.” I love the stripes and the hot pink stars along the sleeves. Plus, it’s the perfect Monday look!

     The other thing I love about GiGi Couture are the skins (another thing I am uber-picky about!). The skins are fresh, fun, and CHEAP, running at 150L per skin. The skins I haven’t bought, were freebies (or 1L) including the one I’m wearing in the above pic. I believe it was from a Easter hunt (please don’t ask me which one).

     Finally, GiGi Couture rocks because of the love the owner shoes her group members. I have been in the group maybe a month, and received some great stuff, like this adorable bathing suit. A definite way for a designer to win my love is by being good to their groups! Oh, and the skin? Another freebie, this one was in-store!


     If you haven’t checked out GiGi Couture YET, do it! There are 3 freebies in-store now, as well as tons of great new spring essentials. Search in-world for store locations, since I’m too lazy to put Slurl’s in my blogs! Have a great Monday!




Credits (‘cuz I’m sure you want ’em):

Photo One:

Dress: GiGi Couture “Best Damn Thing TDress”

Leggings: Punch Drunk (part of “Glam Rock” dress)

Hair: FD “Mia”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Buddy Holly”


Photos Two and Three:

Dress: GiGi Couture “Aqua Striped Zip Up”

Leggings: Punch Drunk (part of “Glam Rock” outfit)

Shoes: ETD “Wedges”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Pink Lips Candy”


Photo Four:

Bathing Suit: GiGi Couture (group gift)

Hair: Minnu Model Skins “Messy”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Porcelien Doll”


2 Responses to “The FUNKY are Coming!”

  1. April 21, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    I am visiting GiGi Couture

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