Gossip Girl: Serena’s Style

If you haven’t noticed the overtaking of GossipGirl’s iSL(tm), you may just be living under a virtual rock. The CW took it’s hit TV show, “GossipGirl,” created a SIM iSL(tm), and hundreds of avatars were born in New York’s Upper East Side. In the six months since I was born there, I have watched avatars with the last name “GossipGirl” enter the modeling world, swarm parties, and buy-out stores. Currently, two “GossipGirl’s” are competing in Instyle’s Next Fashion Icon (EllieShea and Channen) and two have modeling contracts with SLFaces (myself and JennyH). CW’s GossipGirl even inspired a line of jewelry at Caroline’s Jewelry. In the SIM itself, major brands have opened-up stores, such as Calla and Tuli.


Anyway, now that I’ve filled you in on the whole GossipGirl thing (which, by the way, was inspired by a popular series of books) let me get to the fashion! With new episodes of the show beginning to air on April 21st, I felt the need to try a take of my favorite character’s, Serena, style. After looking at some images of her on http://www.seenon.com/celebrities/photo/gossip-girl-on-the-set/, I got busy!

The first look is inspired by the Upper East Side prep-school uniform. Serena has a unique sense of style, and usually pairs her uniform with short jackets and boots, to help her stand out from the rest. I paired my uniform with the “Oxido Waistcoat” from Emery and the “Buckled Mid-Calf” boots from Paper Couture.

To take on the streets of New York, Serena usually goes for the stylish, yet comfy approach. I paired the same boots from Paper Couture with some skinny-leg jeans from Relika, and was set to take on the city.


Whew! While New York is the city that never sleeps, this GossipGirl is tired! For more info on the clothes pictured, check out below!




Outfit Credits:

Photo One:

skirt , shirt, and tights: Ivalde “addie” teal set
jacket: Emery “Oxido Waistcoat”
shoes: Paper Couture “Buckled mid-calf boot-sedona leather”
hair: Armidi “Pasadena Girl IV”
skin: Fleur Vivant Almond Blossom 1


Photo 2:

shoes: Paper Couture “Buckled mid-calf boot-sedona leather”
hair: Armidi “Pasadena Girl IV”

skin: Tuli “S5 light natural 1”
jeans: Relika

shirt: Blaze “Boyfriend Buttondown”
undershirt: Thimbles “Barfight Brenda Tank in all-cleaned-up”
purse: savvy avvy “jacob’s bag in dirty yellow”
pug-dog: Paradise Pets


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