I’m so Vain

Vain can be defined as “having or showing undue or excessive pride in one’s appearance.” Well, I must say, when I put on the limited edition “Vanity” skin from Fleur, I can’t stop looking at myself! I first saw the skin featured in Glam Magazine’s “7 Sins” photo spread, and it caught my eye. When I slipped on Ivalde’s “Tilly” dress in blue for the Instyle Introduction of it’s Next Top Fashion Icon Event, I realized I didn’t have a skin that went perfect with it. That was all the excuse I needed to run on over to Fleur, drop 1000L, and call the skin my own!


While on the topic of Fleur, I must remind you all that they are having their second photo contest on Flickr. This time around, the theme is Fleur in Bloom. Basically, they want to see you showing off their lovely skins, while including nature in some way. The contest ends April 21st, and the prizes are gift cards to the store. For more info check out their Flickr group page at http://flickr.com/groups/joliefleur/. And, just to give you more of an idea of what they are looking for, here is one of my submissions:

Photo Credits:

photo one: hair- ETD’s Madeline ll; skin- Fleur’s Vivant Almond Vanity; dress- Ivalde “Tilly” Blue; bracelet- Fae Designs

photo two: hair- MMS Group Gift; skin- Fleur’s Vivant Almond Blossom 3; dress- Digit Darke’s “Evening Petals” White; flower in hair- Artilleri


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