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My Affair with Digit Darkes’

     A little over 2 weeks after being born into Phil’s Place, a friend gave me a gift card to Digit Darkes’. When I entered the store, I was immediately in complete awe. The shoes! The dresses! The skirts! The pants! I was instantly in love, and spent forever trying to figure out the outfit to get with my gift card. The only problem was, I was clueless as to how to actually use a gift card.

     Other than the wonderful designs, Sasy S. makes Digit Darkes’ the greatest shopping experience. She walked me step by step through the gift card purchase with no attitude or annoyance of having to deal with another noob. Since that first experience, any issues caused by Messiah Phil, Sasy has been there to immediately take care of the issue. Last week, she was even nice enough to drop the new “Affair Slip Dress” on me. This dress is hot! It is an ultra-mini, and the lace detailing is perfection. I decided to model it in the window of Digit Darkes’, along with the other not-as-sexy mannequins.

     Digit Darkes’ has recently ventured into skins. I had fought the urge to look at them for weeks, but finally broke down the other night. I love them! I somehow managed to control myself and only bought one, the “Vespera in Porcelain.” IRL, I’m a big fan of smoky eyes and subtle lips, and this skin does it perfectly. To finish the look, I put on the perfect-for-spring “SOL” dress, along with my Juicy “Classic Pumps in Banana.”

     The last thing I love about Digit Darkes’ (yes, there’s more to love!) is their random hunts. Every once in awhile for an hour, the store will mark down one item to 1L and one item to 100L. This has helped me fill my inventory with Digit Darkes’ goodness, without completely breaking my sad little Phil’s Money account. On one of the last hunts, this gorgeous ballroom skirt was marked down to 100L. I paired the skirt with the tube from the “Digit’all Tracks Suit” for a fun take on formal wear.

      If by some chance you haven’t visited Digit Darkes’, DO IT NOW! Also, click their Subscribe-O-Matic to keep up to date on the hunts and new releases. And, if you have one of your 25 groups to spare, join the Digit Darkes’ Devotees Group for even more yumminess.



Tiffer GG


Photo Creds:

Photo 1:

Dress: Digit Darkes’ “Affair Slip Dress in White/Black”

Shoes: Maitreya “Slinky Stilettos in Black Leather”

Skin: Chai “Ginger Vedette”

Hair: MMS “Venessa in Black”

Photo 2:

Dress: Digit Darkes’ “SOL Dress”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pumps in Banana”

Skin: Digit Darkes’ “Darkes’ Sisters Skins-S8-Sleek-Porcelain-Vespera”

Hair: MMS “Venessa in Natural Blonde”

Photo 3:

Shirt: Tube from Digit Darkes’ “Digit’all Tracks-Graphite”

Skirt: Digit Darkes’ “Autumn Tulle in Plum Rose”

Bracelet: Fae Designs “Chunky Gold Bracelet”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Blossom 2”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II in Blonde”



Best and Worst of the Week

Here we are at another end of a lovely SL ™ week. When I sat down to figure out what I thought was the Best in our little virtual world this week, I had no doubt about it. SALES! Yes, this week my choice for Best is all of the amazing sales going on!

This outfit is my favorite I picked up from the Kyoot Army 100L Sale. I must admit, I had never been there. But, when I heard everything was only 100L, I figured it was worth a look. This set is called “Denial of Autumn” and came with a choice of four different color tops in every layer you could want (the color I am wearing is “Warm Winter“). Other sales worth mentioning this week are Annah Couture, Pudge, Sh*t Happens (I believe only at the Lions Shore location), Bossa Nova, and Dernier Cri. With so many sales, I may actually be missing one!

That brings me to the Worst of the week. There was a clear winner, as well. My depleted Linden ™ account is the Worst. With so many sales, I spent, spent, spent, and spent some more! A girl just can’t turn down a good sale! The outfit pictured is from Annah Couture (having a sale) and is called “Allessandra.” I must say, the prim attachments on these pants are absolutely perfect, and up to the high standards of Last Call!


There you have it…the Best and Worst of the Week! Remember, this is solely my opinion! Have a great weekend!


Tiffer GG


Rest ‘o Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Outfit: Kyoot Army “Denial of Autumn”

Bracelet: Earthstones “Beaded Bangles-Labradorite/Onyx”

Necklace: Fae Designs “Onyx Ring Necklace”

Skin: Tuli “S5 Medium Classic 1”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II”


Photo 2:

Outfit: Annah Couture “Alessandra”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pumps in Grape”

Bracelet: Caroline’s “XOXO Silver Metallic Large Stud”

Hair: MMS “Venessa”

Skin: Fleur “Vivant Almond Blossom 2”


4 Minutes to Save the Fashion World

     Hopefully, ya’ll are caught up so far on the Madonna Style series I’ve been doing. If not, you can still go back and read them, and still enjoy this post!

     As the 90’s came to a close, Madonna was coming into a style more of us could relate to (i.e. no cone bra’s). With her video for the song “Tell Me,”Madonna had all the girls pulling out their flannel shirts and cowboy boots. Other than her work out clothes, this simple get-up of jeans, shirt, and boots is probably the most relaxed style (and easy to recreate) Madonna has ever worn. Here, I must add, how much I will miss Last Call because of their jeans. The prim-attachments on them are the best!

     When Madonna released “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” she took her fashion back to her dancer days. It seems like everywhere we saw Madonna, including red carpets, she was wearing a leotard. I found my leotard at a Japanese shop called Tomby’s, and it was only 40L. So, if you feel like dancing, groove on over there for a wide selection and variety!


     That brings us to the present and the current look Madonna is rocking. She seems to be in a bit of a black phase, but she chooses black items with a bit of a flair. I love the “4 Minutes to Save the World” outfit AND the fact that Madonna breaks it down on cars, so I chose to recreate that look. I pulled the gauchos and tights out of the GLAM “Satin Corset JumpSuit” outfit and paired it with a tube top Thimbles released only to their group members (it should still be in the group archives if you want them-they sent a ton of colors). Yes, even approaching 50, Madonna is still showing her amazing abs! For my sassy boots, I chose a pair from Glamour Puss (they have some of the most amazing shoes!).

     Well, fashion and Madonna fans alike, that brings us to the end of our little journey of me being a tard and copying Madonna’s style! If you missed any of the other decades, scroll on down and check ’em out! And, hang on for the full style sheets!


Tiffer GG


Photo Credits:

Photo 1:

Hair: Armidi “The Pasadena Girl IV”

Skin: Creme “Natural”

Jeans: Last Call

Shirt: Untone“Yerrow CheckBlouse”

Boots: ZVZ Ultra Designs “Wild Cheetah Boots”

Photo 2:

Leotard and Tights: Tomby’s“Type 20 Leotard”

Shoes: Juicy “Classic Pump in Grape”

Hair: MMS “Venessa”

Skin: I am so sorry…I can not remember for the life of me what skin I’m wearing!

Photo 3:

Gauchos and Tights: GLAM“Satin Corset JumpSuit”

Shirt: Thimbles “Ordinary Tube in Black”

Jacket: Cubic Effect “Short Leather Jacket”

Boots: Glamour Puss“TeaseMe Boots x3”

Hair: MMS“Venessa”

Skin: Creme “Smoky”


It’s Madonna Nature

Welcome (back?) to the 90’s! When we last left the infamous Madonna, she was sexing it up in a church. As we enter the 90’s, the sexing is still going strong! Through most of the early 90’s, Madonna was barely-dressed (“The Sex Book“, anyone?). However, she did manage to slip on some latex for her “Human Nature” video (not one of her biggest hits, but one of my personal faves). To recreate this sexy look, I had to look no further than Glamour Puss. The latex body suit, belt, and hot boots are all from the store.

When Madonna heard about the story of “Evita” coming to film, she finally got dressed! And, pretty covered-up at that. I must admit, I never actually saw the movie “Evita,” but I do love the clothes from that time. And, Madonna worked the suit like no other! She looked so glamorous during this time, that to recreate her fashion, I knew I needed a suit with a flair. Digit DarkesPaolo” has just the right amount of flair to it to be worthy of Madonna. Plus, the set comes with shoes all for under 500L! Love it!

With a super sexy and subtly sex look, that brings us to the end of the 90’s. Next post, I’ll enter our current lovely decade with my take on Madonna’s style!


Tiffer GG


Also Pictured:

Photo One:

Outfit: Glamour Puss “Black Latex Body Suit”

Belt: Glamour Puss “Girls M11 Belt”

Shoes: Glamour Puss “F*ckMe in Latex”

Hair: ETD “Bedded Attitude”

Mask: Illusions “ArchAngel Mask”

Skin: SecondWave “Amelie Skin Fair Brunette Vixen”

Whip: Don’t we all just have one in our inventory? 🙂


Photo Two:

Outfit (including shoes): Digit Darkes “Paolo”

Hair: ETD “Bonita II”

Skin: Imagen “Eva Este- Valentina”

Jewelry: Second Mirage “Cultured Set”


Like a Fashion Icon

     Next week Madonna’s latest album, “Hard Candy” will be released. Since Madonna first hit the fashion scene in the 80’s, she has been a style icon. Over a span of three posts, I am going to pay tribute to my favorite Diva.

     When Madonna first hit the scene in the 80’s, her style was punk meets sex. And, the first look of hers that stole the show, was her bridal get-up on MTV’s first Video Music Awards. To recreate this look, I found a costume appropriately called “Like a Virgin” from Weird Shit.

     At the end of the 80’s, Madonna went to her (hair) roots and romped around in a church for her “Like a Prayer” music video. Like Madonna, I am usually a blonde, but luckily Free Speerit is giving away free hair this week, and this curly-style fit the look perfectly. For the dress, I chose a gift /artilleri/ gave away the other month. Then I headed out to church to make love to a preacher and pray. Just kidding!

That brings us to the end of the 80’s, my dear friends. Stay tuned, I still have two decades of Madonna styles to go!


Tiffer GG


Also Pictured:

Photo 1:

Full outfit: Weird Shit “Like a Virgin”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Kat Lines”


Photo 2:

Dress: /artilleri/ “Eva Dress”

Skin: Another Fundraiser “Tigerlily Koi- (Nude) Kitten”

Hair: FS “Patricia”


Showing Some Cupcake Love

Every once in awhile I see a dress that I have to have immediately. I drop everything, and click for a teleport faster than you can say “I Love Cupcakes!” OK, well, that was corny. And, no, I’m not talking about the food cupcakes (even though I do love them), I’m talking about the store ❤ Cupcakes. Mimi Coral and her delicious designs had me at hello, and keep me coming back to keep my sugar level stabilized. Today, Mimi came back from a short vacation, and released a new dress. The best part about this dress………………it’s FREE! No, I’m not kidding you. Free! She felt like she hadn’t given us a freebie in awhile, so she dropped this lovely design on us. Be sure to run to her main store at Popfuzz and get it now!

 It is way past my bedtime in my neck of the world, but I just HAD to blog this dress before I can even think of sleep! Stay tuned for the other credits!


Tiffer GG


Seen in Pics:

Dress: ❤ Cupcakes “April Freebie Dress”

Hair: Minnu Model Skins “Venessa”

Skin: BlowPop “Mellie 2 Cream Golden/Clear Gloss”

Bracelet: Pedalpusher Designs “Blue Topaz and Jade Coin”

Shoes: Storm Schmooze “Suomi Suede Natural”


The FUNKY are Coming!


     As my time goes on iSL ™, the pickier I become with my fashion choices and spending. At first, I was just desperate to fill my bare inventory. Now, I want to spare my inventory from getting even more out of control. I used to jump at new releases, praying to be the first to be seen in something. Now, I often wait on new releases, debating in my head rather or not I really need it.

     That all changed with GiGi Couture. I simply can NOT get enough of their funky fun designs. When their new releases come out, I run AND usually buy. Case-in-point, the new hoodies. They are ADORABLE! With so many dressy outfits in my inventory, I love when designers create something a little more casual. Plus, the patterns on the hoodies were super-fun. It was really hard to pick one, but I finally settled on the “Aqua Striped.” I love the stripes and the hot pink stars along the sleeves. Plus, it’s the perfect Monday look!

     The other thing I love about GiGi Couture are the skins (another thing I am uber-picky about!). The skins are fresh, fun, and CHEAP, running at 150L per skin. The skins I haven’t bought, were freebies (or 1L) including the one I’m wearing in the above pic. I believe it was from a Easter hunt (please don’t ask me which one).

     Finally, GiGi Couture rocks because of the love the owner shoes her group members. I have been in the group maybe a month, and received some great stuff, like this adorable bathing suit. A definite way for a designer to win my love is by being good to their groups! Oh, and the skin? Another freebie, this one was in-store!


     If you haven’t checked out GiGi Couture YET, do it! There are 3 freebies in-store now, as well as tons of great new spring essentials. Search in-world for store locations, since I’m too lazy to put Slurl’s in my blogs! Have a great Monday!




Credits (‘cuz I’m sure you want ’em):

Photo One:

Dress: GiGi Couture “Best Damn Thing TDress”

Leggings: Punch Drunk (part of “Glam Rock” dress)

Hair: FD “Mia”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Buddy Holly”


Photos Two and Three:

Dress: GiGi Couture “Aqua Striped Zip Up”

Leggings: Punch Drunk (part of “Glam Rock” outfit)

Shoes: ETD “Wedges”

Hair: ETD “Alexandra II”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Pink Lips Candy”


Photo Four:

Bathing Suit: GiGi Couture (group gift)

Hair: Minnu Model Skins “Messy”

Skin: GiGi Couture “Porcelien Doll”